Heather Italiano

I am so incredibly grateful for Tisha and her team!

Shopping for insurance, let alone trusting insurance companies, is so difficult and I always felt I was getting the run around when working directly with insurance companies. So when we were introduced to the Brandes Agency I was beyond grateful. They are so friendly, easy to work with, responsive, always looking out for what's in your best interest. And every year when it's time for renewal they are on top of it, pricing out the best deals before I even remember it's time for renewal. 

Ryan Coble

I've been working with Marleen and Tisha at Brandes Insurance for about 5 years, Very responsive and very professional and can't make enough positive comments about them! I would recommend anyone looking for a top insurance agency to call them today! They are truly looking after your best interest.

Frank Phillips

Shopping for insurance is never a desirable process. However the team at Brandes Insurance really helped improve the prescription. It has been a true pleasure working with the folks in the office, they are remarkably professional, and I was able to complete my needed business with them, that included moving all of our personal insurance needs to the agency, electronically! I didn't have to go into the office, and was able to use a variety of technology to complete the transition! Thank you Brandes Insurance Agency for your excellent customer service!